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A 2 Students Visa for Indians to study in Israel

Check out Revital's video, she walks you through the whole process here-

There are about 900 Indian Students, mostly pursuing their doctoral and post doctoral studies. Other than that, there are many Indians in the elderly care service, many have business associations in Israel and then there are Indian Jews who've made Aaliyah (returned to Israel). (Drop an email and we will try to connect you if you want to reach out to someone)

Here is how you get a Student Visa to Israel

Visa Category for Students: A2 Students Visa

In India, visas for Israel are handled by Israel Visa Application Centres or IVP:

Documents Required for Application:

a) Covering Letter from the applicant. If associated with any Organization/ Institute, then need to provide NOC from there.

b) Updated Acceptance letter from the Israeli University/Institute selected.

c) Mention type of study (M.A/ Post-doctoral/Summer school exchange program) etc.

d) Duration of study

e) If, Scholarship is paid by the University

f) Proof of Stay/Accommodation g) All Educational documents & copy of Resume. Show Original (Last Degree- Ph.D./ Masters/ Bachelors) at the time of submission.

h) Proof of Financial means to finance studies and living in Israel (Bank statement for last 4 months)

i) Travel and Medical insurance with COVID Coverage.

j) Travel Ticket –Booking (NOT CONFIRMED TICKET)

k) Photocopy of Aadhaar card & Current valid Passport (1st & Last Page)

l) Photocopy of Parents Passport (1st & Last Page), if does not have the passport submit a declaration with Aadhar card copy.

m) Original Birth Certificate with Apostille (If Birth Certificate can be tracked online on official (govt.) website then Apostille on certificate is not required)

  • All submissions to be made on A4 size paper and not back to back.

  • Email your college to inform the embassy in India regarding your college admission.

  • Be in touch with your IVP centre via email or through a phone call and set up an appointment

  • Please be mindful that IVP centres observe all Indian and Israeli holidays, which are plenty around the time of college starting in October (Sukkot and Diwali) so a little head start is highly recommended.

  • You can track your application online after submission.


  1. Make sure to fill and submit the application form with correct details online, they do not accept hand written forms. Also make sure to print the form as you will have to submit it along with other documents at the centre.

  2. Attach 2 Photographs (Size 5.5 cm X 5.5 cm) with white background.

  3. You will have to submit all the passports, including your old passports.

  4. Prepare a to the point cover letter to support your application. You can only submit your application after receiving an acceptance letter.

  5. You do not need to have confirmed travel tickets but you need to show them some proof of travel

  6. In case you are parents of a minor, you may have to submit additional documents: a) Need original Birth Certificate with Apostille (attested by MEA). b) Parents (Father & Mother) need to visit IVP at the time of submission for signing the Minor consent form c) In case one of the parent is not in India then he/ she must sign the Minor consent form at Embassy of Israel in that particular country.

  7. There are four IVP centres in India Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore and you can find the relevant centre for according to your domicile status here.

  8. Mostly you can submit your application via an agent but it is always a good idea to call your centre and confirm.

  9. You might end up having to sit for an interview, in that case be prepared to answer the following questions. A good way to avoid the interview process is to address these questions in your cover letter itself.

  • Which university have you been accepted to?

  • Why did you pick this university?

  • What education are you currently pursuing in India

  • Who will be funding your education in India?

  • What do you know about Israel

10. You will have to pay Visa fees and it is best to carry cash.

11.If accepted, the visa is granted within 5-7 days and you can either collect it from the center or avail courier services.

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