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Happy News: Universities in Israel to begin academic year on December 31

We are happy that after several delays due to the ongoing war, the academic year which was supposed to start on 15th October is finally set begin on December 31, 2023.

Israel has remained steadfast in its commitment towards education, which has made it such a promising destination for international students. All of us who had been this past year have noted and appreciate the dedication of our professors and administrative staff in ensuring our continued academic progress during this challenging times. We have felt welcome, understood and fully supported.

As we prepare for the upcoming year, we must implore Israel for an IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE.

We understand and owe to Israel’s right to self-defend, which is what even made it possible for us to consider

However, after 67 days, the continued military actions causing civil destruction, suffering and loss of life of Gazans is unconscionable.

We, international students, come from all over the world and have lived under different kinds of governments, faced variety of challenges and pressures, suffered through a number of hardships, witnessed prejudice, injustice, hostility, insecurity and even war--- and we empathise with the pains of both Israelis and Gazans. Prolonged war hurts us all.

How can our education bring us enlightenment while we negelect the urgent demands of humanity. How can we proceed if we ignore the calls of peace. How do we not lose ourselves if we don't say this?

We implore Israel to cease fire.

We have reposed so much trust and faith in your country, please don't do this. May we start healing soon and working towards a brighter future. *Disclaimer: does not speak on behalf of anyone except for those who explicitly endorse this post.

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