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We decided to try out 'Branded Merchandise'. Game changer? Well, it's a start~

There's all kinds of wisdom available about branding. Much of it has come to use for many successful operations but the core idea that struck a chord with us was that our branded merchandise must communicate our values.

While scouting for ideas in the start up hub Tel Aviv to see what's buzzing, we discovered that branded crushers and rolling papers are quite a hit. And talking of innovation, most of them were actually 3-D printed!

Took all night to 3D print a Herb grinder

Now, we might have the power of a Unicorn but we do not have the resources of one. So we decided to go with a cost effective, student friendly item that would be perfect to communicate our message and could be entirely developed in-house. We designed bookmarks!

We did what we do- used the crutch of Canva and readied some designs that communicated the ideas we espouse. We even took some liberties with our Mascot-- (and sensibly decided against it!)

Never misses leg day

We went through a couple of designs. Rejected many design and other elements. We generated a QR code for seamless offline to online journey of the receiver. Also remembered to add our (correct) website address on it.

Not making tall claims here, but this process put Anirudh, our dedicated team member back in touch with the artistic side from his childhood and he rediscovered his desire to truly live. And once he delivered on a design which was meaningful, layered and checked a whole bunch of checklist items, we took it to the printers at the university. The lovely lady gave insightful suggestions on how to maximize the number of bookmarks in each print through smart arrangement.

We brought the first few samples to Michal, as we thought it would be auspicious given that she was managing a whole library full of many many books. She was very encouraging.

So yep, she was happy so we were happy. Although there were few setbacks along the way-- like when we found our bookmarks torn and blown apart like confetti at a party...

Once we got over the heartache, we thought BRANDED CONFETTI! So, perhaps we will try that next. Till then, check out our bookmarks. There is also a FREE Printable version PDF attached at the end and it would be super cool if you would like to print and use them or gift them to your friends!

We will be designing more, and if you would be interested in designing some bookmarks or other branded merchandise with us, that would be the coolest thing ever! Get in touch via Whatsapp or Email

Bookmark- To do List
Download PDF • 382KB
Download PDF • 171KB

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