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Monthly Sip and Write Events in collaboration with Wielding Words Workshops & Rujum Petah Tikva

WHEN DID THIS TAKE PLACE: 12 December, 2022

WHERE At?: Basta 43, Petah Tikva ( A volunteer- driven not for profit bar in the middle of the PT Shuk)


A diverse group of international students from BIU , TAU and other universities came together to write their 'Farewell Notes to 2022'. There was cheap beer and Mulled Wine.

Sherry from Wielding Words Workshops went over the basics of Personal Essay Writing and conducted some fun exercises to identify topics and helped with essay mapping. Everyone took around 20 minutes to write their essays, while the guitar played gently and finally whose who wanted, read it out to each other. The topics that came out during the essays included growing up, travelling, moving out of home, friendships, living with mental illness and more.

Here's a video-

And some pictures:

people sitting together during writing workshop
Like reading notes from my journal...

So much happened this year...

exchanging notes on undefined topics

everyone has a different writing style (and process)

the quiet girl holds her pen tight

'my birthday was this year'

that's a really good question, let me think about it

every element is stand alone, but fts right in

forces of quantum thermodynamics produced a master story teller

writing is fun, just not text messages

keeping up the punk score

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