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Avail 33% Student Discount on Public Transport in Israel

How to avail the student discount on Moovit App:

Students (Israeli citizens and foreign citizens with temporary residence) in Israel are entitled to 33% off single ride fares while travelling by bus, rail and rapid transit. But you can easily miss it if you don't claim it. If you travel using a Rav Card- you can see here for more information.

However if you prefer to move around and use your phone to pay for public transport, you can download the Moovit app.While Registering, you can either pay with your Pango Account or add a credit card to your profile.


When choosing your rider profile, make sure to click on the student profile. In case you didn’t do it at the time of registration- then you can go to MY Account on the top left (or right if your Moovit is in Hebrew) and add discount profile.

Documents Needed:

The above is a screenshot from after my Student Profile had expired and I was required to do this process again.

You will be required to provide the current year’s Certificate of Enrolment, Students ID Card or this year’s payment confirmation (that you can easily and mostly instantly download from your university profile).

How To Do it:

Upload the documents from your phone onto the app (images/ screenshots work just fine). Once uploaded, it will be up for approval and will show a pending approval sign.

Unless you do it on the weekend, it will mostly be sorted out within a day and then Yalla , you'll have a student's profile and will be able to avail 33% discount on all public transports that you pay for using the app. Have fun!


1. Wave at the bus driver when you're waiting for it- sometimes they'll just drive past if no one stops them!

2. When you climb on a long distance bus but need to travel within 15 kms, make sure to 'pay distance based fare' instead of paying the whole amount. The option is available on the app.

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