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Shalom! Ma Kore?

I am Konpal Patni from India. I am in the last lap of my Masters of Arts in Creative Writing.
All things considered, it was a well informed, but a huge gamble when I decided to come here for further studies after working in Mumbai and Delhi for a couple of years. My experience has surpassed my expectations, both in terms of challenges and rewards. The thing that most significantly helped me pursue the items on my wish list here, was relevant information. It was information that I received from locals, from my Israeli friends, from other international students, from the university administration, from a range of literature and other reliable sources. People were generous and shared it with me with a sense of investment, care and love and I could not be more thankful for it.
That brings me to the Israeli sentiment which has deeply influenced me during my time here,  'must to pass it on'. That's really what I am trying to do with this blog. As a student of writing and media, this is my jam and I really enjoy doing this. And mamash, the opportunities and all the people I get to meet because of this blog is a gift that keeps giving. I invite you to join this community. The blog, the website and the organization is evolving and it gets better every time a new member joins. So, if you are also, let's connect and have some fun, together? 
Finally, thank you so much for being on the website, I hope you will find reasons to keep revisiting :)  

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Editor | Ma Kore?

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